Have A Heart Day

Many years ago Dr. Clothier started a program called Have a Hart. Since then several other doctors in the community annually come together for a day of free dental service. This is his day to give back to the City of Boulder City that has done so much for him and his family. He works with Emergency Aid of Boulder City and the schools to find those that are in true need of dental care without the means to obtain it and treats them.

Over the last several years the combined donations of the participating doctors is somewhere near $50,000.  We are grateful to give back in this way and are thankful to all of the doctors that make this day work.

Good Neighbor

A.B.C. Court

Dr. Clothier’s office helps the Henderson Courts in a program aimed on helping repeat offenders break the cycle.

After seeing repeat offenders appearing in court over the last five years, Judge Hedger found most of the city’s repeat offenders’ misdemeanors are related to their long-term drug and alcohol addictions, as well as mental health issues. Many defendants are homeless and jobless due to these issues and have no life skills to get back on their feet. Other issues in their lives make completing the court-ordered counseling difficult and some give up without making a change in their life.

Dr. Clothier helps this program by providing dental care for these individuals who are trying to turn their lives around.

Helping Out in Small Ways

Our office is always looking for little ways we can make a difference.  When someone is selling apples by the bushel Dr. Clothier buys one or two extra and takes them to Emergency Aid.

When Dr. Clothier read that a local school class of first graders was raising money to build a well in Peru, he took it upon himself to call the school and match the donations that they received. He did this hoping they could build not one but two wells.