Do you hate getting X-rays at the dentist? Well, we are using a great new product called the DEXIS CariVu™ it is a compact, portable caries detection device. It hugs the tooth and then covers it with light. The light then makes the enamel look transparent and any lesions trap and absorb the light. That way we are able to see through the tooth and spot out any carious lesions. Images are assigned to a tooth and, when captured, the most recent radiograph of that tooth comes up in the software next to the CariVu image. This allows for immediate comparison between the two types of images. Because the CariVu provides such crisp and clear clinical images. The images the device takes will show any lesions up darker, and this gives an edge over traditional imaging because there is no need to clean the tooth of bacteria. With the new imaging, it means a clearer picture of what’s going on, less radiation from traditional X-rays images and it’s an overall easier to use process. The device can be used to view the areas between adjoining teeth surfaces anywhere in the mouth as well as the grinding or biting off tooth surfaces. This allows the dental professional to finally be able to see under the enamel and find things such as decay around existing restorations, cracks, smooth surface caries, and areas between adjoining teeth caries with one device that does not use ionizing radiation.