The spooky costumes and characters won’t be the only scary things that will be out on Halloween night. While your kids are excited about stocking up on has much candy as they can carry. We know you parents want to make sure it doesn’t turn into a cavity nightmare. A little indulgence isn’t bad none and then especially when you get to see the excitement on your child’s face. But we want to keep that shiny smile bright. So we have put together our best and worst list of candies for your kiddies this Halloween.

Worst Candies

Taffy’s are the worst especially filled with caramel, coconut or nuts. They are the worst type of candy for your teeth. They get stuck to pretty much all your teeth everything in inside your mouth. Remember the longer food sticks around in your teeth the more bacteria will build and can produce cavity-causing acid.
Coming in a close second is hard candies like lollipops and jawbreakers. They may not stick to your teeth but they take longer to break down. The same rule applies the longer a food stays in your mouth, the more acidic the environment becomes.

Another one that made it to our list of worst candies is any sour candy because it has a higher acidic content, which can break down tooth enamel.

Best Candies

Although Chocolate isn’t the best for your kids’ teeth, when there is no sticky fillings there is less chance for them to stick in your teeth. So it makes for a better option this Halloween when your kids or you feel the urge to indulge in a Halloween treat.

Our best option for a sweet treat is Sugar-free gum this Halloween season because it leaves no sticky residue, that causes plaque, and it’s made with xylitol which is a natural sugar where bacteria are unable to form plaque.

Happy Halloween everyone, make sure you floss and brush after all your tasty treats!!!