1. Prevent cavities – The leading cause of tooth decay is plaque which is when the whitish film on your teeth build up. This eats away at the tooth enamel and when left unattended, can lead to cavities. Dental cleanings, flossing and brushing can remove plaque.
  2. Stop tooth loss– A major cause of tooth loss in adults is from gum disease. The plaque starts to move further down the tooth and can destroy the bone supporting your jaw, which in turn can loosen the teeth and cause them to fall out. Dental cleaning along with good oral hygiene can reduce this from happening.
  3. Brighten your smile– There are a lot of things that can stain your teeth, coffee, tea, and wine to name a few. A good dental cleaning can polish and remove the built-up stains, leaving you with a brighter whiter smile!
  4. Freshen your breath– The best way to prevent bad breath is good oral hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing regularly and getting a good cleaning will help to leave your mouth odor-free.
  5. Save money– Getting the most value from your dental insurance. Most dental plans have low or no copayments/coinsurance for dental cleanings and oral exams. If you take advantage of your benefits now, you may be able to save money in the long run by helping to protect your oral health and potentially avoiding more costly and extensive procedures.
    For these advantages and more, make an appointment with your us today.